Homeowners' Association (HOA) Dispute Attorneys

Homeowners associations have many stipulations and documents to follow. Depending on how documents were drafted, disputes and legal issues can arise quickly. Our attorneys at Howard & Hardyman, LLP understand the complex nature of HOA issues and disputes.

We have experience handling a wide variety of issues involving HOAs. Our lawyers work with homeowners association boards and homeowners, so we understand both sides of disputes. This gives us a unique perspective and advantage when advising you of your rights and options.

The Importance Of HOA Documents

Documents need to be drafted properly in order to be effective for both parties. When documents have mistakes or are misunderstood, disputes are more likely to happen. Our lawyers are skilled at drafting many different types of homeowners association documents and handling a variety of issues, including the following:

  • Drafting declarations and bylaws
  • Addressing zoning and planning issues
  • Enforcing bylaws
  • Litigating homeowners association disputes

Our Rockford, Illinois, law firm is dedicated to addressing all of your homeowners association needs. We can help draft your documents, explain your rights and litigate disputes if necessary.

Many HOA boards and homeowners don't fully understand their rights or the documents they have signed. We can help you address any potential issues that may lead to a legal dispute down the road to save you time and money.

Contact Our Attorneys

Our lawyers are skilled at handling homeowners association issues in Illinois. We understand how documents can prevent or lead to legal issues so we make sure everything is accurate and correct so you are protected. To discuss your homeowners association matters, call us at 815-516-1549 or contact us online.