Safeguarding your family and your assets

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You could benefit from having a solid estate plan in place. We are confident in that statement for many reasons, but mostly because we believe planning ahead is a good way for nearly everybody to help their loved ones navigate complex issues. However, there are many ways to deal with estates in Illinois. Many find that the process becomes complicated very quickly. To ease this confusion, we make a point of pairing the right strategies with each client we take on here at Howard and Hardyman LLP.

We found that our individualized method benefits our clients in more ways than one. First, they tend to get the estate plan that maximizes there return and fits their goals. A secondary benefit — but one that we believe is almost as well appreciated as the first — is that the best options come first in our discussions, along with solid proposals for action. 

Our process centers on a simple principle of listening to our clients. There is no single estate strategy that works for everybody, and there are many alternatives you are likely to want to consider:

  • Guardianships
  • Various trusts
  • Charitable funds
  • Wills and living wills

Each situation is different. Facing this wide range of possibilities could leave you wondering where to turn next. There is good news: We often find that a detailed look at finances and overall priorities narrows down the options considerably for most of our clients.

No estate plans itself. However, with the great perspective and some hard work, most of our clients find that they end up with a framework in place that gives them the peace of mind they need about the future. Please navigate to our main site to continue.