Divorce and estate plan revision

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2019 | Estate Planning | 0 comments

Couples may decide to bring their marriage to an end for all sorts of reasons, such as incompatibility or infidelity. Our law office knows how challenging divorce can be, especially for those with significant assets or kids. However, there are other legal matters that you may need to take into consideration if you are dealing with the end of your marriage. For example, estate plan revision may be necessary for a number of reasons. If you need to make changes to your estate, it is imperative to promptly address any areas of concern and make sure that your estate plan matches your wishes.

Following a divorce, some people may need to remove their former marital partner as a beneficiary. However, this is not the only reason why revising an estate plan may be necessary due to divorce. Some people may want to remove their former spouse’s children from their estate plan and changes may also need to be made because an ex was listed as the executor of an estate. It is imperative to ensure that your estate plan suits your needs and will result in the disbursement of your assets in accordance with your wishes.

Unfortunately, some people push off estate plan revision because they are too busy or feel as if they cannot handle it at the present. However, this can be a costly mistake and could create many problems for loved ones in the event that something unexpected happens. By revising an estate plan promptly, people may sleep easier at night.