What are the startup costs for a new business?

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Starting a new business gives you the opportunity to turn your passion into profit. However, to see your venture succeed, you need to invest some money upfront.

The expenses involved in the formation of a new business are startup costs. Covering them often requires you to take out a small business loan. CBS 2 Chicago describes some of the expenses most commonly associated with a new business venture.

Hiring staff

While you may be on your own at first, sooner or later you probably have to hire employees to help you. If it happens sooner, consider the expenditure of time involved in accepting resumes and screening applications. When you balance this against the money you have available, you may wish to outsource hiring to a recruitment agency.

Obtaining equipment

In many cases, you need special equipment to run your business properly. You typically have the option of either buying or leasing it. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Renting equipment means a lower upfront investment, while purchasing it is less expensive over time. You may want to investigate the possibility of a rent-to-own arrangement that would allow you to enjoy the benefits of both arrangements.


In some cases, it may be possible to run your business out of your own home. This depends on the nature of your business and the local zoning regulations in your community. If a home-based business is not practical or desirable, you must find off-site office space in which to set up and run your business. Here again, you have the option of leasing or buying. When calculating the cost, be sure to factor in any improvements or alterations the building requires to suit your purposes.