How do you pick your estate executor?

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Illinois residents put time and care into considering your estate executor. After all, they will handle matters of your estate when you cannot. They will contact your loved ones and work with your lawyer. It is crucial that your choice suits your estate.

But how do you pick a good executor? How do you tell who can take on this responsibility and handle it well?

Personal compatibility with executors

Forbes lists some tips for choosing the right executor to manage your estate. There are two primary categories to look into. First, how well do you get along with the potential executor? Second, how well will they handle their duties?

Personal compatibility is of utmost importance for this role. Unfortunately, it does not matter how professional your executor is. If you do not get along on a personal level, it may not work out. This is arguably one of the most important decisions you will make. Do you want to leave it up to someone you do not see eye to eye with? Instead, look for a person who shares your core values. Look for someone who holds the same moral viewpoints. This way, you can trust they will make decisions up to your standards.

Your executor as a skilled professional

But they must also hold professional skills. Is your choice organized? Do they have an easy time communicating with others? How are their social skills? Can they handle the stress of dealing with bereaved loved ones? Do they manage projects well on their own? Handling probate is a long, complex process. You do not want an executor who cannot manage their time. You do not want to pick someone who will get burned out.

Once you have a person who fits the bill for both, you know you have a good executor.