Should you be an estate executor?

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When someone dies, his or her estate may go through probate. When this happens, the court needs someone to act as an executor and handle all the work required to close the estate. The estate owner is able to choose the executor.

If someone asks you to be their estate executor, you should realize it is a very serious position. The American Advisors Group advises taking your time to decide if you want this job because you will have a lot of responsibility as the estate executor.

Review the will

The will is going to serve as your roadmap through probate. You should ask to review it so you can see what it entails. Consider how complex it is and if you see any possibility of issues. Ask questions about anything you do not understand. You will be the advocate for the person, so it is essential that you understand his or her wishes clearly.

Discuss potential issues

If issues come up in probate, you will have to deal with them. This might include not being able to find an heir or someone contesting the will. Talk with the person about anything he or she thinks could happen and try to figure out solutions or determine if there will be problems you do not want to deal with.

Weigh the reasoning

Lastly, talk to the person about why he or she thinks you are the best choice for this job. You want to be sure the person trusts you completely. You also need the confidence that he or she believes you will be able to carry out the duties properly.

In the end, the choice is yours. Make sure that you fully understand your duties and are ready for the honor and responsibility that come with the role.