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Knowledgeable Tax Planning Assistance

Taxation issues can have a tremendous impact on certain legal transactions involving businesses and individuals. A business organization or real estate transaction may have tax consequences great enough to require a change in strategy. By crafting a legal strategy that conforms with a tax strategy from the start, the law firm of Howard & Hardyman LLP provides clients with a full-service approach to legal representation and counsel and ensures resources are not wasted in misguided directions.

For over 70 years, people and companies throughout Northern Illinois have trusted our Rockford lawyers with their business, asset preservation and property investment needs.

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A Comprehensive Approach To Legal Support

In addition to providing sound legal counsel, we help clients to understand how tax laws will come into play regarding:

Because we have attorneys with advanced tax degrees and experience, instead of referring clients to an accountant, we include a taxation component along with legal advice to create a unified strategy. Whether our clients face a corporate merger, stock transfer, asset purchase or other aspects of LLC allocation, or they wish to know how taxation impacts a gift of real estate to their kids, we can help them avoid using trial and error with a more comprehensive approach to protecting their best interest.

Assistance With Related Tax Forms

While advising clients on partnership and corporate
tax return principals, and assisting them with matters related to high-end probate and trust administration cases, we also help clients prepare related tax forms, including:

  • 706 estate tax forms
  • 709 gift tax forms
  • 1041 trust and estate tax forms
  • 5227 Split-Interest Trust Information Returns

From answering questions such as, “What impact does forming an LLC have on my taxes?” or “Does an S-corp or C-corp make the most sense for my business purpose?” to offering detailed advice on the tax implications in health care planning, business succession or buying and selling property, we are ready to help you.

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