Business Succession Planning

Strategic Business Succession Planning


Do you plan on passing on your business to your family, or is it in your best interests to sell the company? Our attorneys at the law office of Hardyman│DiVerde Attorneys in Rockford can discuss all of your options when it comes to business succession planning.

Businesses can easily fall apart when ownership changes. Call our skilled attorneys at 815-964-8888 to create a secure succession plan that can protect your business’s value and longevity.


Planning Ahead Can Protect Your Business And Your Goals


Our lawyers can discuss the benefits of business succession plans and will provide personalized attention to protect your best interests. We meet with our clients and discuss their goals, the financial health and value of their businesses, and what options are available before determining the next course of action.

It is important to understand all of your options before trying to pass on your business to the next generation. Every company is different and has different business succession options. In some cases, it may be better to sell the company instead of trying to pass it on to a family member or employee.


We Can Address Your Specific Needs


Our business succession planning attorneys can review all of your options. If you want to pass on your business to a family member or another individual, you need to see if he or she will be able to obtain financing to keep the business running.

Based on your individual situation and goals, we can create a business succession plan that is tailored to your needs. We will review all factors that can impact your business succession plan. Our law firm can help you address any potential issues now so you can get the best outcome possible for you and your business.

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