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Upholding Secure Noncompete And Nonsolicitation Agreements

To protect your business, you may require employees to sign noncompete or nonsolicitation agreements. These important agreements can prevent the spread of trade secrets and prevent employees from assisting your direct competitors. Howard, Hardyman & DiVerde, LLP Attorneys can help you draft secure employment contracts and ensure that they are upheld.

If you are an Illinois business owner, call 815-516-1549 to discuss your contract options.

Drafting Legally Binding Agreements

With over 70 years of combined experience, our lawyers understand how to defend your business. We can draft secure noncompete contracts that prevent employees from damaging your business’s future or supporting your competitors. Additionally, we can create nonsolicitation agreements that prevent employees from soliciting the loyalty of your clients or other employees if they depart your company.

The court may refuse to uphold your

contracts if they are deemed unreasonable in scope or duration. Our lawyers will work closely with you to implement the conditions that you would like to include while remaining within the legally enforceable boundaries. We work as your consultants to provide solutions that meet your business’s requirements for security and growth.

Enforcing Your Business’s Contracts

Departing employees may accidentally or knowingly break their noncompete or nonsolicitation agreements. Our attorneys will strongly defend your rights as a business owner, either in or out of court. We will skillfully demonstrate the reasonableness and legitimacy of your contract to ensure that the court upholds your rights.

Contact Our Experienced Attorneys For Assistance

As a small-business owner, you need to assertively protect your business’s interests to promote financial success. Call our Rockford office at 815-516-1549 to discuss your contract options and to develop custom noncompete or nonsolicitation agreements that are right for you. You may also

contact us online.

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