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Defending Your Access To Medicaid

The elderly and disabled often have expensive health care needs that exceed what they can afford out of pocket. By developing a long-term plan now, you can make things easier for yourself and your family by addressing these important health care issues before you need them.

With over 70 years of combined legal experience, the Rockford law firm of Howard & Hardyman LLP assists people throughout Northern Illinois with their estate planning needs. We understand Medicare and Medicaid eligibility and can help you avoid penalties or disqualification in creating a long-term estate and health care planning.

Call our qualified lawyers at 815-516-1549 to learn how we can help you prepare for your Medicaid and Medicare needs.

Medicare And Medicaid Differences

Medicare is intended to cover short-term care needs. To cover in-home or nursing home care and long-term medical treatments, those without a health care plan must count on Medicaid or an expensive insurance plan. Medicaid qualification can put a home and other assets at risk due to spend-down requirements. We help clients understand how Medicaid planning works, how to keep their homes and how to avoid liens, by putting together a proper estate plan that protects your hard-earned assets.

Changes In The Law That Affect Medicare

When choosing to live in a nursing home, many clients want to know how to make effective estate plans that still leave something for their children. Knowing the government look back period for Medicare eligibility based on a gift has changed from three years to five, can save clients from expensive surprises in the future. We know the law and how to advise clients with issues involving giving of assets away now and how it can affect you later.

Medicaid Planning That Works

Our Medicaid planning attorneys will evaluate your financial situation with their years of experience, and use estate planning tools such as special needs and other trusts, annuities, asset transfers and income redistribution strategies to protect more of your estate without affecting qualification for Medicaid.

Contact Us To Develop A Thoughtful Medicaid Plan

Find Medicaid and Medicare plans that make sense for your needs today and tomorrow. Call the law offices of Howard & Hardyman LLP at 815-516-1549, and discuss how we can help with your estate planning or estate administration needs. You may also contact our Rockford offices online.

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