Customized Wills To Address Your Unique Needs

Do you need a will? That’s a trick question. Everyone should have a will. Whether you are younger or older, a will can protect you in many ways. Our attorneys at Howard & Hardyman LLP have more than 70 years of combined experience helping clients draft a will that addresses their specific needs.

If you are considering creating or updating your will, call our qualified estate planning attorneys at 815-516-1549 to protect your family legacy.

A Will Can Protect You And Your Family

We know it can be difficult to think about the future and life after you are gone. However, planning now can make life much easier for you at present and your loved ones in the future. A will can address several issues, including who will look after your minor children and how your property and assets will be distributed.

Not having a will in place will result in state law determining what will happen to your property or who will look after your children. This can be very scary and lead to hurt feelings and arguments among your family.

A will can give you the peace of mind that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes. To make sure your will addresses your specific needs, we get to know you and your goals. We will discuss what issues should be addressed in your will and who should be appointed as the executor of your estate or as guardian of your children. These are important decisions — we can help during this entire process to ensure your will is accurate and addresses all of your needs.

In addition to drafting wills, our lawyers also have experience with living wills. A living will can make sure your wishes regarding end-of-life decisions are known in case you cannot make health care decisions on your own.

Contact Us To Develop A Custom Will

Our office is located in Rockford, Illinois. We help clients throughout Northern Illinois draft wills and other estate planning documents. To discuss your estate planning needs, call us at 815-516-1549, or contact us online.

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