Managing Your Assets With Strategic Trusts


Trusts can be very beneficial, and they are not just for wealthy people. At the law office of Hardyman│DiVerde, we can discuss how trust can benefit you and your family.

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Protect And Preserve Your Wealth


A trust can help you manage your wealth and help preserve your assets as you pass them on to loved ones. A trust can also protect and preserve your assets and offer more privacy than the probate process.

Our attorneys have decades of experience drafting trusts for individuals and families in Illinois. We can review your assets and goals to create a unique trust that fits your needs. Trusts can preserve your assets and help pass on your wealth to future generations. Clients can choose to gradually distribute funds to their children or heirs to ensure their wealth is not spent unwisely.


Special Needs Trusts Require Additional Planning


We have experience drafting several different types of trusts, including living trusts, special needs trusts, and charitable remainder trusts. Special needs trusts can make sure family members are taken care of now and in the future. Our lawyers can make sure your special needs trust is drafted properly so individuals with special needs will still qualify for public benefits while receiving funds to help pay for their care.

Trusts can protect you and your family. Let us review your goals, determine the tax implications, and draft a trust that is accurate, will preserve your assets, and will address all of your needs.

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Trusts can be very beneficial. To discuss your estate planning needs and if a trust is right for you, call our Rockford law now or reach us online.